On-site Support Services
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On-site Support Services

General Studies Information Sessions:

A General Studies Degree Program advisor will meet with individuals or groups to give in-depth information about Indiana University's degree completion program.

Pre-Admissions Counseling:

Employees interested in enrolling at IUPUI to complete a degree can meet with a campus representative to review admission requirements and enrollment options.

Academic Advising:

Employees interested in the General Studies degree program can receive academic advising on site by a General Studies academic advisor.

Registration Assistance:

IUPUI has very user friendly computer and telephone registration options. To assist learners new to the university, the IUPUI Community Learning Network will assist students with registration and the use of the existing systems.

Employer Supported Coursework:

Employers wishing to sponsor their employees into IUPUI classes can arrange for premium registration, in which students are registered for classes and textbooks are ordered for them. The IUPUI Community Learning Network will bill the employer (with a single statement) for all their employees' tuition, required fees, and textbooks.

On-Site College Classes:

Classes, seminars and workshops can be taught at the employer's workplace.