About Online/Video Courses
Video courses are convenient for your busy schedule...
About Online/Video Courses

All courses, including the Video (TV, DVD and IMDS) courses require web access to Oncourse. You need an IUPUI user id and password. You can get Online access to all of the video courses through the library's IMDS. You need a high speed internet connection to view these courses online.

Cable Television courses are broadcast in Marion County only, on Bright House channel 98 or Comcast 13 over ETC2. Each course airs 1 or 2 times a week. Students watch the video on cable TV, and participate in the course through Oncourse.

DVD's are available for most of the courses and can be played either on a computer DVD player with RealPlayer or Media Player, or a standard DVD player for your television. DVDs can be purchased in the IUPUI Jag Bookstore or ordered from them online.

IMDS is available through the library's website. It means Indiana Multimedia Distribution System. Video is digitized and put on this system. It is free to IUPUI students. IMDS can be accessed on any computer on all of IU campuses, the Greenwood Learning Center, or Park 100 Learning Center. It can even be accessed from your home in if you have a broadband connection. Dialup is not recommended. It is necessary for your computer to be equipped with video playing software, such as RealPlayer, or Windows Media Player. If you hope to watch IMDS from your office computer, please test it first, as many businesses block incoming video.

Whatever distribution method you choose, you will receive the same educational quality as IUPUI's on-campus classes. Good luck with your course!