About Distance Education
Courses to fit your schedule...
Distance Education

Distance education courses may fit your busy schedule.

Students are able to take the Community Learning Network (CLN) Distance Education courses without coming to campus more than 3 or 4 times in a semester, and usually fewer.
Out-of-state students can make arrangements with the instructor to have tests proctored.
All of CLN's distance courses are asynchronous, so that students can access them on their own schedule, including the online/video courses, which are offered on one or more of the following:
Cable Television in Marion County Only
Digital Video Disk (DVD) through the IUPUI Jag Bookstore
Online through the Indiana Multimedia Distribution System (IMDS)
All of the video course students interact with other students and the instructor through Oncourse CL. While some courses are less than a semester in length, each course is on the same semester schedule as on-campus classes..
Students register for them in exactly the same way, and the same expectations prevail. These courses are great for highly motivated independent students with a busy schedule.