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The Community Learning Network(CLN) provides administrative leadership and support for campus programs attentive to adult lifelong learning. CLN incorporates the courses and certificate programs of the Continuing Education department, its management and programmers. The Community Learning Network (CLN) comprises the off-campus centers, the Adult Learning Centers located in three Indianapolis Public Schools, and Distance Education courses. Research conducted by faculty and staff of CLN consists of the Equity Institute and the African American Male Equity Project. The Division's Civic Engagement and Service offers leadership assistance for the P-20 Talent Alliance and the administration of the Martindale-Brightwood Alliance for Educational Success.

To meet the evolving needs of our learners, IUPUI courses are offered at times and places most convenient to learners. Both credit and continuing education classes are offered at corporate locations, in community centers, in high schools, the IUPUI Park 100 Learning Center, and in a virtual environment through the Internet and public television. In order to make learning even more accessible to adult learners, CLN offers distance education courses to provide increased flexibility to our learners by blending new technologies with new learning strategies to meet the lifestyles of metropolitan learners.

The Continuing Education Program (CE) operates one of the largest continuing education programs in Indiana. Each year CE provides more than 600 continuing education classes and serves over 7,000 learners in Central Indiana. With more than 17 continuing education certificate programs, CE provides an access point for learners to take the first step in career development or the opportunity to take classes for personal enrichment.

The opportunities to meet the needs of learners, employers and the community are endless. The IUPUI Community Learning Network focuses on delivering education to adults in Central Indiana at times and places convenient to learners. This is our commitment to ensuring that IUPUI becomes one of the best model urban universities of the future and that adult learners in Central Indiana have access to the education they want and need in today’s world.

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Our Mission
The IUPUI Community Learning Network(CLN) provides high quality and affordable postsecondary programs of study to a diverse community. CLN programs of study range from continuing education, noncredit courses and certificates expanding knowledge and strengthening skills, to credit bearing college courses and certificates that enable adult learners to develop an area of expertise and complete a bachelor’s degree.